Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Recycling Policy Changes26/09/2023For Determination23/11/2023
Timetable of Council and Committee Meetings 2024-2521/09/2023For Determination23/11/2023
Parish Councils - Future of the Concurrent Functions Grant Aid Scheme19/09/2023For Determination05/10/2023
Green Belt SPD14/09/2023For Determination23/11/2023
Whole House Building Safety Contract11/09/2023For Determination09/10/2023
Purchase of land and buildings for the Housing Revenue Account - 63a Stoke Road04/09/2023For Determination02/10/2023
Weyside Annual Finance Update24/08/2023For Determination05/12/2023
Public Realm CCTV24/08/2023For Determination23/11/2023
The Bridge - Bridge Street, Guildford21/08/2023For Determination18/09/2023
Guildford & Waverley Transformation & Collaboration Programme17/08/2023For Determination23/11/2023
B5 41 Moorfield Road, New contracted out Lease10/08/2023For Determination06/09/2023
Supply of disabled adaption materials from AKW Medicare20/07/2023For Determination31/08/2023
Guildford Park Road Redevelopment: Partner Selection Preferred Bidder19/07/2023For Determination21/02/2024
One year extension of PPG Decorative materials on PFH Framework agreement19/07/2023For Determination31/08/2023
Contract Award for Cyclical Works Contract (Housing)18/07/2023For Determination15/08/2023
B1 41 Moorfield Road, New contracted out Lease11/07/2023For Determination08/08/2023
Guildford Multi Storey Car Parks05/07/2023For Determination02/08/2023
Annual Weyside Urban Village Report22/06/2023For Determination23/11/2023
Medium Term Financial Plan16/02/2023For Determination10/10/2023
Annual Report of the Corporate Governance and Standards Committee 2022-2316/02/2023For Determination07/02/2024
Business Planning - General Fund Budget 2024-2516/02/2023For Determination07/02/2024
Revenue Outturn Report 2022-2316/02/2023For Determination19/10/2023
Capital and Investment Outturn Report 2022-2316/02/2023For Determination05/12/2023
Annual Governance Statement 2022-2316/02/2023For Determination23/11/2023
Housing Revenue Account Budget 2024-2516/02/2023For Determination07/02/2024
Housing Revenue Account Final Accounts 2022-2316/02/2023For Determination19/10/2023
Capital and Investment Strategy 2024-25 to 2027-2816/02/2023For Determination07/02/2024
Corporate Safeguarding Policy and Procedure27/10/2022For Determination23/11/2023 For collaboration reasons
Annual Report of the Corporate Governance and Standards Committee25/08/2022For Determination10/10/2023
Review of Refuse and Recycling Service17/06/2021For Determination19/10/2023
Pay Policy Statement 2024-2529/12/2020For Determination07/02/2024