Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Extension to Pavement Licensing and Revision to Pavement Licensing Policy 2024-2911/07/2024For Determination05/09/2024
Overview of GBC interests in Companies10/07/2024For Determination08/08/2024
Governance arrangements in regard to GBC oversight of interests in Companies10/07/2024For Determination08/08/2024
Charity Accounts 2022-2310/07/2024For Determination08/08/2024
North Downs Housing: Future Options Appraisal10/07/2024For Determination08/08/2024
Planning Contributions for Open Space in New Developments SPD24/06/2024For Determination08/08/2024
Bright Hill Car Park24/06/2024For Determination08/08/2024
Off-street parking places order - proposed traffic regulation order (TRO) amendments14/06/2024For Determination15/07/2024
Pay on foot and Pay and Display parking payment equipment replacement - Joint GBC / WBC collaboration14/06/2024For Determination08/08/2024
Medium Term Financial Strategy Update13/06/2024For Determination23/07/2024
Joint Councillor / Officer Relationship Protocol13/06/2024For Determination23/07/2024
Proposed new Contract Procedure Rules13/06/2024For Determination23/07/2024
Proposed Changes to the Financial Procedure Rules13/06/2024For Determination23/07/2024
Proposed Changes to the Officer Schemes of Delegation13/06/2024For Determination23/07/2024
Fees and Charges Policy09/06/2024For Determination08/08/2024
Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk Policy16/05/2024For Determination31/10/2024
Productivity Plan15/05/2024For Determination15/07/2024
Waverley off-street parking enforcement collaboration15/05/2024For Determination15/07/2024
Riverside Nature Reserve SANG improvement24/04/2024Recommmend Forward to Council23/07/2024
Governance report and improvement plan18/04/2024For Determination23/07/2024
Review of Executive Working Groups 202416/04/2024For Determination08/08/2024
Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIP)16/04/2024For Determination08/08/2024
Resource and Capacity Review of the Legal and Democratic functions of the Councils12/04/2024Recommmend Forward to Council23/07/2024
Clover Road and Rapleys Field Pre Construction Services Agreement and Building Contract04/04/2024For Determination03/10/2024
Dunmore, Broomfield, Wharf Lane and Georgelands Building Contract04/04/2024For Determination03/10/2024
Shaping Guildford's Future Phase 303/04/2024For Determination08/08/2024
Pre-Application Service and associated charging schedules21/03/2024For Determination05/09/2024
Corporate Strategy18/03/2024For Determination23/07/2024
Blackwell Park development14/02/2024For Determination22/02/2024
12 Month Review of Schedule of Councillors' Allowances to be undertaken by Joint Independent Remuneration Panel11/10/2023Recommmend Forward to Council03/12/2024
Guildford Park Road Redevelopment: Partner Selection Preferred Bidder19/07/2023For Determination23/07/2024
Weyside Mitigation Strategy22/06/2023For Determination08/10/2024
Annual Report of the Corporate Governance and Standards Committee16/02/2023For Determination08/10/2024
Revenue Outturn Report16/02/2023For Determination03/10/2024
Annual Governance Statement 2023-2416/02/2023For Determination26/09/2024
General Fund Revenue Budget 2025-26 and Medium-Term Financial Plan 2025-26 to 2027-2816/02/2023Recommmend Forward to Council05/02/2025
Housing Revenue Account Budget 2025-2616/02/2023For Determination05/02/2025
Housing Revenue Account Final Accounts16/02/2023For Determination03/10/2024
Capital and Investment Strategy 2025-26 to 2029-3016/02/2023Recommmend Forward to Council05/02/2025
Capital and Investment outturn report29/12/2020For Determination08/10/2024
Pay Policy Statement 2025-2629/12/2020For Determination05/02/2025