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Executive Shareholder and Trustee Committee

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Information about Executive Shareholder and Trustee Committee

The Executive Shareholder and Trustee Committee has been established by the Executive specifically to discharge the shareholder and trustee functions of the Council. The Committee will meet at least once a year to receive an annual report and annual accounts from the Companies and Charities, but otherwise meetings will be called on an “as and when required” basis to deal with company and charity business.

Membership is determined by the Leader of the Council from time to time. Only members of the Executive may sit and vote on the Committee. A quorum of three and a maximum number of five Executive Members will be appointed to the Committee. Substitutes, who must also be Executive Members, may be permitted at the discretion of the Leader. The Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council shall be the Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively of the Committee.

The Committee will exercise the function of the Council as shareholder and trustee as stipulated by relevant legislation including the Companies Act 2006 and Charities Act 2011 and associated statutory guidance and any guidance issued by relevant regulators.