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Councillor Training and Development Update

Meeting: 23/09/2021 - Corporate Governance and Standards Committee (Item 34)

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The Committee considered the annual report from the Councillor Development Steering Group, which set out details of the training and development opportunities for Councillors including training events held since September 2020 and planned training sessions to be held in the coming weeks.


The Committee noted that the Council was accredited under the South East Charter for Elected Member Development, which provided a robust framework within which ongoing Councillor training and development was planned and put in place.


Since the last annual report, it was noted how the coronavirus pandemic had changed the way in which the Council was able to offer training and development opportunities for councillors and staff.  As with council and committee meetings, the councillor training sessions previously held in the Council Chamber had necessarily had to change to virtual sessions using online platforms such as Microsoft Teams.  The benefits of being able to offer training online had offered greater flexibility to councillors and officers, avoiding the need for them having to spend time travelling to and from Guildford.  Since the lifting of lockdown restrictions, officers were looking to offer a blend of both online as well as in person training as appropriate.


The Chairman of the Steering Group, Councillor Colin Cross was in attendance to comment on the report and respond to any questions from the Committee.


During the debate, the following points were raised:


·       A request for wider training for all councillors on climate change.  It was noted that this would be raised at the next meeting of the Steering Group.

·       Support for continuing with online/remote training.

·       A request for clarification as to whether ethical standards/code of conduct training was mandatory, and confirmation as to whether all councillors had attended such training.  It was noted that ethical standards/code of conduct training was mandatory, and that further training would be offered by the Monitoring Officer to any councillors who had not previously attended such training.

·       It was noted that the cost of training for councillors did not vary dependent upon the number of new members.  The importance of induction and investment in ongoing training and development for councillors was emphasised.   


The Committee


RESOLVED: That the valuable work being undertaken by the Councillor Development Steering Group in developing a clear structured plan for councillor development that responds both to the Council’s corporate priorities and councillors’ individual training needs, be noted.



To recognise the important and ongoing work of the Councillor Development Steering Group.