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Equalities Scheme Action Plan

Meeting: 17/06/2021 - Corporate Governance and Standards Committee (Item 4)

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The Committee considered a report on the proposed revision to the Council’s Equality Scheme and Action Plan. The key objectives of the Scheme and Action Plan were:

·       to demonstrate how the Council would meet its legal obligations set out in the Equality Act 2010

·       to provide a structured and easy to understand equality framework

·       to ensure that the workforce encourages equality, diversity, and inclusion to help prevent legal challenges arising from bullying, harassment, and discrimination


The Committee noted that the Scheme itself was reviewed annually and updated every three years.  The new scheme covered the period 2021 - 2024.  The Action Plan, which was an organic document, was reviewed by the Equality and Diversity Group every quarter.  This Committee monitored the implementation of the actions in the action plan annually.  Ongoing monitoring of equalities issues was undertaken via equality impact assessments that were completed for any major decisions, policies, projects etc., and approved by senior management and HR.  These were available for the public to view. 


A revised and updated Action Plan was attached to the Supplementary Information Sheet circulated before the meeting.


During the debate, it was suggested for the future that where actions had been completed, a date should be included and, where appropriate, the date when the matter was next due for review.


Having considered the report, the Committee


RESOLVED: That the revised Equality Scheme and Action Plan shown respectively in Appendices 1 and 2 to the report submitted to the Committee, as amended by the update on the Supplementary Information Sheet, be approved.



To assist the Council in meeting its obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and to provide a way to measure and evidence the Council’s work in this area.