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Safer Streets Funding - Town Centre Marshals

12/02/2024 - Safer Streets Funding - Town Centre Marshals

The Safer Street Fund launched in 2020 to allow Local Authorities and Police forces to bid for funding to provide measures proven to prevent neighbourhood crime, including CCTV, street lighting, alleygating and improving the security of properties at risk of neighbourhood crime.

Funding was also available to schemes delivering other interventions aimed at changing attitudes and behaviours in relation to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in the public domain through educational activities and behavioural change programmes. The focus will also be on the night-time economy and working with local businesses to keep women safe and raise awareness of VAWG in local pubs and bars.

In September 2023 Surrey Police were successful in securing funding for initiatives for delivering a range of interventions in Guildford to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour and VAWG over the period from 1 October 2023 to 31 March 2025 through public realm improvements and the provisions of a Street Marshalling Service.

In December 2023 the Police asked Regulatory Services to secure the Street Marshalling Service as they wished to separate the service from Policing.

£85,868 of the Safer Streets fund has been allocated to the Marshalling project, including £4k equipment costs.

Allocation of the funding for Marshalling Services will be provided to the Council by the Police for GBC to manage the contract. Marshals will work in partnership with GBC services, Surrey Police and the Experience Guildford BID with the aim of creating a town wide resource provision that can be deployed at busy times to areas at a time it is needed to support the response to Anti-Social Behaviour.

To ensure the most effective use of funding, the Marshals would be deployed in an intelligence fashion across the town to work in areas where they can be most effective and with a focus on engagement and enforcement of PSPO provisions, Anti-Social Behaviour and other environmental offences to improve the public realm.

The role of marshals is to engage, explain, encourage and secure compliance by providing a visible and supportive reassuring presence. However, we have to accept that their role and the advice being offered may not always be welcomed by the public or operators. There is a risk that certain groups and individuals will be upset at best and at worst become abusive. There may also be a demand for deployment of Marshals in certain areas at certain times creating potential conflict on demand.