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Refuse Vehicle Procurement

24/08/2023 - Vehicle Replacement Programme for 2024/25


1.     That the programme of replacement vehicles for 2024-25 be approved, and that the sum of £2.15m be moved from the provisional capital programme to the approved capital programme.


2.     That authority be delegated to the Executive Head of Environmental Services to carry out a compliant procurement process, award the contracts to the successful tenderers, and, in consultation with the Executive Head of Legal & Democratic Services and the Lead Councillor, enter into the relevant contracts.


To allow for the replacement of the waste and garden waste vehicles in 2024.

Other options considered and rejected by the Executive:

To further delay replacement or further investigate viable alternative propulsion, such as EV or hydrogen; however, this would result in delays and increased service reliability risks.

Any conflicts of interest declared:



24/02/2023 - Refuse Vehicle Procurement


On the recommendation of officers this item was deferred until the next meeting of the Executive to be held on 16 March 2023.