Issue - decisions

Annual Concurrent Functions Grant Aid Report

25/11/2022 - Parish Council's Concurrent Functions Grant Aid Applications for Assistance 2023-24


1.    That the grant budget for 2023-24 be set at £90,000, subject to final confirmation at budget council in February 2023.

2.    That future years’ budget from 2024-25 be reviewed in consultation with parish councils.

3.    That the parish council requests for grant aid for 2023-24, as set out in Appendix 3 to the report, be approved.


1.    to assist parish councils with expenditure on concurrent function schemes in 2023-24.

2.    to enable parish councils to take account of financial assistance from Guildford Borough Council when calculating their precept requirements for 2023-24.

Other options considered and rejected by the Executive:


Details of any conflict of interest declared by the Leader or lead councillors and any dispensation granted: