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Overview and Scrutiny Committee

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Information about Overview and Scrutiny Committee

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee does not make decisions, but does scrutinise decisions made by the Executive Committee or the Lead Councillors. The Committee can undertake reviews and in-depth investigations in order to provide advice and recommendations.


In general, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee undertakes the following activities:


·         Scrutinising the decisions of the Executive Committee and Lead Councillors throughout the decision-making process.

·         Contributing to policy development by examining performance and policy outcomes against local service need and provision.

·         Reviewing Council services to ensure they are achieving customer satisfaction, value for money delivering performance, and meeting standards.

·         Reviewing how effectively the Council delivers services with external agencies.

·         Appointing sub-committees to fulfil overview and scrutiny functions.

·         Maintaining a work programme so as to ensure that the time of the Committee is effectively and efficiently utilised.

·         Undertaking investigations into such matters relating to the Council’s functions and powers as:

(i)    may be referred by the Council/Leader/Executive; or

(ii)   has been referred to the Committee because of the councillor “call-in” procedure set out in the Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules in Part 4 of the Constitution.