Strategy and Resources Executive Advisory Board - Monday, 7th February, 2022 7.00 pm, CANCELLED

No documents are available for this meeting

Proposed venue: This meeting will be held via MSTeams

Contact: Andrea Carr, Committee Officer Tel no: 01483 444058  Email:

Note: The information contained in the items on this agenda has been allowed into the public arena in a spirit of openness and transparency to gain broad input at an early stage. Some of the ideas and proposals placed before this Executive Advisory Board may be at the very earliest stage of consideration by the democratic decision-making processes of the Council and should not be considered, or commented on, as if they already represent either Council policy or its firm intentions on the issue under discussion. The Executive Advisory Boards do not have any substantive decision-making powers and, as the name suggests, their purpose is to advise the Executive. The subject matter of the items on this agenda, therefore, is for discussion only at this stage and any recommendations are subject to further consideration or approval by the Executive, and are not necessarily in final form.