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External Audit Plan, Audit Update 2020-21, and External Audit 2021-22 Fee Letter

Meeting: 29/07/2021 - Corporate Governance and Standards Committee (Item 13)

13 External Audit Plan and Audit Update 2020-21 pdf icon PDF 210 KB

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The Committee noted that, Paul Cuttle, Grant Thornton’s new Engagement Lead for the Council’s external audit had unfortunately been unable to attend the meeting. The chairman had therefore agreed to defer this item to the special meeting of the Committee to be held on 26 August 2021.


The Chairman also drew the Committee’s attention to the external audit plan and specifically to Grant Thornton’s enquiry as to whether members of this Committee


(a)   understood various aspects of methods and models used to make the accounting estimates and the risks related to them;

(b)   had oversight of management processes for making accounting estimates, and the monitoring activities undertaken by management; and

(c)   could evaluate how management made the accounting estimates.


Mindful of the need for appropriate training for committee members in this regard, particularly in respect of having the necessary skills and understanding of the processes leading up to the adoption of our audited statement of accounts, the Chairman referred to the recent invitation sent to all members of this Committee 

to attend some training in this regard, which would to be held on Monday 13 September 2021 from 6pm.