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Day Care Services for the Elderly

Meeting: 22/03/2022 - Executive (Item 86)

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(1)   That the provision of day care services for the elderly be consolidated at The Hive to maintain high quality service provision for all residents in the borough.


(2)   That the following recommendations from the Service Delivery EAB be actioned by the Head of Community Services:


a)     The possibility of introducing a lunch provision at Japonica Court be explored to support those residents who previously accessed the lunch club at the Shawfield Centre.


b)     A breakdown of the projected revenue savings of £170,000 be provided to the Service Delivery EAB to clarify the amount of funding expected to be saved from the Shawfield Centre closure, balanced against any rise in costs associated with an increase in the use of The Hive and community transport and any ongoing upkeep of the building including utility payments.


(3)   That the Head of Asset Management be requested to develop a project mandate in respect of the options for the future use of the Shawfield Centre site without delay to prevent a community facility falling into disuse for a length of time, one of which should consider the operation of the property by an external organisation such as a parish council, charity or local enterprise.




To maintain or improve the quality of provision for day centre customers, whilst reducing costs as part of our savings strategy.

Other options considered and rejected by the Executive:


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The Council had two purpose-built day centres providing support and care services for elderly residents, The Hive (formerly known as the Park Barn Centre) in Guildford and the Shawfield Centre in Ash. A care service for the elderly was a discretionary service for the Council. As a part of the agreed medium term savings review all discretionary services were being evaluated and new ways to deliver services explored. The Shawfield Centre had been closed for the duration of the pandemic and its existing customers had been transported to the Hive.

As a part of that review there had been public consultation with regard to the future of older people’s services, including the option of consolidating services at The Hive. The outcome of the consultation exercise and views of key health and social care partners was shared with the Service Delivery Executive Advisory Board (SDEAB) on 13 January 2022.

The Executive considered a report which set out the future of day care provision for the elderly. This included the outcome of the consultation exercise, an Equalities Impact Assessment, the views of key health and social care partners and the recommendations of the SDEAB to the Executive.

The report had concluded that the best quality of care for our elderly residents could be delivered by consolidating service provision at The Hive, whilst making significant savings for the Council.

The report was introduced by the Deputy Leader of the Council who noted that changes to discretionary services offered challenging choices and decisions. The consultation had been wide ranging and engaged stakeholders and partner agencies as well as ward councillors and the SDEAB. A key consultee was the independent chair of the Guildford and Waverley Integrated Care Partnership and Adult Social Care commissioners as well as two community volunteers who provided services to the elderly in Ash. Paramount going forward was the importance of providing the highest quality service possible and consultees felt that the provision at The Hive was more suitable due to the limitations of the Shawfield building. It was noted that even before the pandemic most social care referrals were to The Hive. The Hive offered a multigenerational space with multiple activities going on which was beneficial to users particularly those suffering from dementia and physical disability.

The Chairman of the SDEAB was in remote attendance and spoke of the sense of loss that the members of the Board perceived for Ash residents by the closure of Shawfield; however, the quality of services offered at the Hive and the cost savings were also important considerations. Overall, there was support for the multigenerational offer at The Hive and the benefits that would bring to individual service users. Officers had worked with service users and their carers to make the transition as smooth as possible. The SDEAB considered that The Hive could open its offer to more residents across the borough.

Ward councillors for Ash expressed disappointment that Shawfield would not remain open, but were appreciative of the need for savings and the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 86

Meeting: 13/01/2022 - Community Executive Advisory Board (Item 50)

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The Executive Advisory Board (EAB) was invited to consider a report which informed it of the outcome of a public consultation in respect of proposals for the future delivery of day care services for the elderly and sought comments regarding the recommended consolidation of provision at The Hive, Guildford.  The report also recommended that a mandate be developed concerning options for the future use of the Shawfield Centre, Ash, following the proposed consolidation of provision at The Hive.  The reason for the recommendations was to maintain or improve the quality of provision for day centre clients, whilst reducing costs as part of the Council’s Savings Strategy.


Following the Head of Community Services’ introduction and presentation of the report, the ensuing points arose from related questions, comments and discussion for forwarding to the Executive:


1.           Whilst the EAB acknowledged that any closure of, or decrease in, services was regrettable and could evoke a sense of loss amongst service users, the Council’s financial situation necessitated the review of discretionary services with a view to identifying budget reductions as part of its Savings Strategy.

2.           The Shawfield Centre had been closed since the COVID-19 outbreak and displaced service users had been transported to The Hive since that time, when Government guidance allowed.  Robust risk assessments and temperature testing had been undertaken and there had not been any Coronavirus issues at The Hive.

3.           Virtually all people who had received day care services from the Shawfield Centre prior to the pandemic now attended The Hive, if they were able to do so, and there was no knowledge of anyone previously in receipt of care now being without.  Although the Shawfield Centre had offered day care facilities and was not merely a lunch facility, the majority of users attended for the lunch club only when the facility had been open prior to the pandemic.  It was felt that this group, the majority of who resided in the neighbouring Japonica Court, were reluctant for the Centre to close.  Therefore, consideration could be given to identifying an alternative lunch provision in the sheltered setting, possibly utilising the kitchen area and the Benson Room, within available resources.

4.           Discrepancy As the number of consultation responders selecting Option 1 (to continue to operate two centres for older people’s provision) outweighed the number of total service users, it was suggested that the findings should be considered with an element of caution.  Consultation responses from the NHS and Surrey County Council Adult Social Care (ASC) advised that neither organisation referred people to the Shawfield Centre and would refer them to The Hive irrespective of their address in the Borough.

5.           The reference in the report to the residents of Japonica Court benefiting from increased activities being offered within the sheltered housing scheme were being pursued by the Council’s Sheltered Housing and Community Services Teams.  This involved liaison with community leaders to assist with the provision of some activities such as quizzes, lunches, a social club and the Memory Lane initiative for  ...  view the full minutes text for item 50